5 Fun Fall Activities That Also Burn Calories

Fall is a special time of year, with its cooling temperatures, changing leaves, and fun activities. Some of those fall activities can even help you be healthier, like these top five that burn calories.

1. Apple Picking
Heading out to an apple orchard with family is a time-honored fall tradition — and walking around the farm for hours, reaching up to pick apples off the tree, and carrying your heavy load can be a great calorie-burner.

Calories Burned: 305 calories per hour

2. Play Touch Football
Whether you’re just playing for fun or your group is uber-competitive, a game of touch football can burn some serious calories. Plus, playing a classic post-Thanksgiving game can help offset the enormous meal.

Calories Burned: 400 per hour

3. Scenic Hiking
One of the best parts of fall is the changing leaves and beautiful scenery. Taking a long, scenic hike or walk is a great way to stay healthy, enjoy some views, and burn calories.

Calories Burned: 350-400 per hour

4. Raking Leaves
Turn your tedious weekend chore into a total body workout this fall, as raking leaves can work your upper body, core, and legs, all while burning about 150 calories in 30 minutes. Plus, you can get an extra calorie burn if you jump in the pile and have to start over!

Calories Burned: 150 per 30 minutes

5. Getting Lost in a Corn Maze
Lastly, navigating a cornfield maze is a good aerobic workout — especially if you can’t find the exit! Make it a brisk walk to burn even more.

Calories Burned: 160 per 30 minutes

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