5 Ways to Make Your Healthy Habits Stick This Summer

Summertime is an undoubtedly fun season — but it can also be challenging to keep your health goals in check. From ice cream runs to barbeque blowouts to alcohol offerings at every party, the events of summer can make healthy habits hard to nail down. Fortunately, we have five tips to keep you healthy, from June to September. 

1. Up Your Fruit and Veg 

Although it can be tempting to solely fill your plate with tasty chips, dips, and hot dogs, making sure plenty of delicious summertime produce is added on can help you feel more satisfied. Plus, fruits and veggies add additional fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Going to a potluck? Ensure there is healthy food for you by bringing a large and varied veggie platter with healthy dips like hummus, guacamole, and salsa. 

2. Water, Water, Water

Summertime beverages are sweet and delicious — there’s no doubt about it. But, loading up on sugary lemonade, sweet teas, or fruit slushies can set you back on your health goals. While these drinks are fine to have occasionally, you’ll want to make sure most of your beverage intake comes from plain ol’ water. (Getting bored of water? Add in fresh fruit, cucumber, mint, or basil leaves to jazz it up.)

3. Smart Alcohol Swaps 

Speaking of beverages, if you’re an alcohol imbiber, there are plenty of smart swaps you can make to keep your healthy habits over the summer. Instead of guzzling sugar-filled Pina Coladas or blended margaritas, try simpler mixes of tequila or vodka with sparkling water and lime, or just a splash of juice. And, don’t forget to hydrate with water in between drinks! 

4. Preload With Protein

While all three macronutrients (carbs, fat, and protein) are essential, protein tends to be the most filling of the three. Before you go to any party or gathering this summer, having a quick protein-filled snack can help you make healthier choices when you arrive at the event. Try a string cheese with a handful of nuts, a couple of pieces of turkey with mustard, or a few bites of last night’s meat leftovers. Now, you won’t be overly hungry and beelining for the chips and cookies when you get there. 

5. Ditch the Fad Diets

Although fad diets are a no-no all year long, many people turn towards these “get thin quick” plans in the summertime. However, trendy fad diets will never be sustainable — even if you lose weight quickly, you will soon enough gain it back. A wiser choice is making small and doable changes that you know you can maintain.

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