5 Ways to Order Healthy at Subway

Despite its reputation of foot-long subs and sometimes-questionable ingredients, there are plenty of ways to order a healthy meal at the famed sandwich chain, Subway. When it comes to fast food or fast-casual restaurants, Subway actually has several options that won’t disrupt your health goals — try these top five tips.

1. Cut it in Half
We know those commercials are catchy and it’s a good deal, but five-dollar footlong subs certainly aren’t good for your health — at least not all in one sitting. Two options to make your Subway sandwich healthier are simply ordering a six-inch sub or only eating half now and saving the rest for later or tomorrow. A six-inch Subway sub typically contains about 250-350 calories.

2. Choose Whole Grain
Although whole-grain bread, like whole wheat, is still a carbohydrate-dense food, it has more fiber and protein than the refined, white bread alternative. This small swap can help you to feel a little bit fuller and more satisfied with your half-sandwich.

3. Add Extra Veggies
Subway is highly customizable, which you can use to your advantage. To make your sandwich healthier, load up on all the vegetables you can fit on your sub. Good options include spinach, tomato, red onion, pepperoncini, avocado, olives, cucumbers, and bell pepper.

4. Order a Salad
Pretty much every sandwich at Subway also comes with the option to make it a salad — they will simply dump all of the fillings on top of a bed of lettuce, making your lunch or dinner even more nutritious.

5. Skip the Extras
From soda to chips to cookies, Subway has plenty of add-on items that can quickly make your meal not-so-healthy. Plus, many of the dressings and sauces can be high in calories and fat, like the ranch, mayonnaise, and Southwest chipotle. Instead, load up your sandwich with light mayo or mustard, and top your salads with the lower-calorie sweet onion dressing or simply oil and vinegar.

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