6 Simple Tips For Your Best Sleep Ever

Many people rightfully praise the benefits and joys of having a morning routine. But have you thought about setting up a bedtime routine, too? Rather than switching off the TV and immediately jumping into bed — and probably not sleeping so great — try these 6 tips to help you wind down for your best sleep ever.

1. Screens Off
From tablets to televisions to smartphones to laptops, we’ve got screens blaring everywhere. Electronic screens give off blue light, disrupting melatonin production and preventing you from getting to sleep quickly. Scrolling on social media, checking work emails, or reading the news can increase stress and adrenaline, which is not conducive to getting shut-eye. Aim for all screens off at least one hour before bed.

2. Warm Up
In that hour of screen-free time, you can incorporate other sleep-supporting activities, like taking a warm bath or shower. Warm water increases your body temperature during the bath but then works to lower your body temperature quickly afterward. Our body likes to drop by 2 to 3 degrees to initiate deep sleep, so a warm bath or shower 60-90 minutes before bed can help.

3. Cool Down (Your Room)
Like the bath trick, you can initiate quicker and better sleep by cooling down the internal temperature of your room. The ideal temperature is cooler than you may think — studies show 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit is best. Then, feel free to bundle up with cozy blankets and drift off.

4. Avoid Eating or Drinking
While eating or drinking close to bedtime isn’t inherently wrong, it can cause you not to fall asleep right away if you’re working hard to digest it. This is especially true if the food upsets your stomach, like acidic, spicy, greasy, or fatty foods. Alcohol before bed is also a no-no. Even though it seems like it helps you fall asleep faster, alcohol will prevent getting into a deep sleep.

5. Cultivate Calmness
Everyone is different when it comes to what calms them. Instead of scrolling on social media before bed, try reading an actual book, lighting candles, doing guided meditations, gently stretching, or applying skincare.

6. Start in the Morning
Surprisingly, how you sleep at night starts in the morning. Getting sunlight to your eyes first thing in the morning can “set” your circadian rhythm to stop producing melatonin and get it on track to make more melatonin at nighttime when you need it. Exercising in the morning or early afternoon is also an excellent way to promote good rest that night.

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