5 Surprising Foods That Pack a Day's Worth of Added Sugar

Most people know that soda, desserts, and candy are packed with sugar. But many aren’t aware of the hidden sugar bombs lurking in seemingly healthy items, which can add more than a days’ worth of added sugar (​​that’s six teaspoons or 24 grams for women, and 36 g or 9 teaspoons for men). Look out for these top six sugar-laden foods and drinks.

1. Yogurt Parfaits
While unsweetened yogurt with fruit or a drizzle of honey is generally a healthy choice, many premade yogurt parfaits pack an unhealthy amount of sugar. For example, Panera Bread's Greek Yogurt With Mixed Berries Parfait contains up to 30 grams of added sugar — and that’s not even counting the natural sugar from the fruit.

2. Smoothies
Homemade smoothies are typically a nutritious breakfast, but smoothie shops often load them with unnecessary sugar, like frozen yogurt, sherbet, and fruit juice. Try ordering smoothies made with nut milk as the base, and skip any sugary add-ons.

3. Granola or Cereal
While most people recognize that Sugar Snaps and Fruit Loops are not the healthiest cereal options, other cereal or granola brands seem nutritious but are actually packed with sugar. For example, Raisin Bran contains up to 20 grams of sugar per cup — and most people consume far more than that when they pour a bowl of cereal.

4. Canned Soup
Many canned soups are surprisingly high in sugar, even those already naturally sweet. Take tomato soup: Campbell's condensed tomato soup contains 30 grams of sugar in that small can. Take a look at ingredient lists to choose soups without added sugar, or make your own at home.

5. Pasta Sauce
Like canned soup, most commercial brand pasta sauces also contain high amounts of added sugar. While a pinch of sugar is undoubtedly beneficial to the flavor of pasta sauce, many brands overdo it, like Bertolli Tomato & Basil sauce, with 12 grams per cup.

6. Condiments
From salad dressing to ketchup to BBQ sauce, added sugar lurks in many favorite condiments. Don't ruin a healthy meal by dousing it in sugary add-ons. Try sugar-free options like mustard, low-sodium soy sauce, salsa, or added sugar-free ketchup.

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