6 Tips for Losing Weight on a Budget

It can seem like you need money to lose weight — after all, there are expensive gym memberships, new exercise clothes, fancy blenders, and tons of supplements...right? Well, it doesn’t have to be pricey; try these top 6 tips for losing weight on a budget. 

1. Whole Foods are Best 

We’re not talking about the grocery store here — we mean buying whole foods rather than pre-made meals. Sticking to whole, real foods like beans, legumes, lean meat, seafood, and produce can help both your body and your budget. Instead of buying a frozen or pre-packaged “diet-friendly” meal for $4 or $5, you can make a whole day’s worth of meals for the same price. 

2. Buy in Bulk

For non-perishable items, like nuts, seeds, or canned beans, consider buying in bulk to save money if you have the storage space. Or, if you have a large freezer, you can purchase large quantities of healthy meat and seafood when it’s on sale and freeze it for later. 

3. Skip Supplements

Although some people require supplements if they have a nutrient deficiency or other health concern, most individuals can get their vitamins and minerals from a varied and healthy diet. Plus, definitely don’t spend your money on any supplements marketed for weight loss — the research does not show that “weight loss supplements” will help you lose weight. 

4. Eat at Home 

We all know that eating out at restaurants costs more than eating at home. But, it can be tempting to grab a latte and breakfast sandwich on the way to work or a quick (but pricey) salad at lunch. Instead of getting tempted by these day-to-day purchases, make sure to plan out all of your meals ahead of time — at least just the day before. 

5. Fresh Isn’t Always Best 

While fresh is best for many things, it’s not always best for our wallets. Did you know that frozen fruits and vegetables have the same nutrition as their fresh counterparts — and sometimes even more nutrition? Frozen fruits and veggies are harvested and frozen at the peak of their nutrition, so they retain most of their vitamins and minerals. 

6. Work Out for Free

Lastly, you don’t need a gym membership — try walking or jogging outside, search YouTube for free workout videos, or head out for a hike with a friend!

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