6 Tips for Passing on Alcohol This Holiday Season

The holidays tend to be a time of drinking more, whether from holiday parties, traveling, or simply added stress. If you don’t want to imbibe as much this year, try these tips for managing your alcohol intake.

1. Always Hold Something
Especially at parties, holding a drink gives us something to do with our hands. Carrying something else — even just a bottle of water or plate of food — can make it seem less awkward while you mingle.

2. Stock Up on Non-Alcoholic Drinks
Zero-proof drinks are all the rage lately, making it easy to find fun and tasty celebratory drinks without having the added alcohol. If you don’t want to make it obvious that you aren’t drinking, pour it in a glass with ice and a wedge of lime.

3. Set Your Intentions
Before you go to a gathering, set your intentions for your alcohol habits. Whether you decide to stay completely sober or stop at one or two drinks, the choice is yours. Deciding beforehand can help to solidify your decision.

4. Be Confident
Alcohol can undoubtedly erase some nerves or anxiety about a party, so building your confidence in another way can help. This may look like getting your hair done or buying a new outfit that you feel great wearing. Plus, try to be confident in your decision not to drink (or drink less) — remember that you don’t owe anybody an explanation for why you aren’t drinking.

5. Confide in Someone
If you need help staying on track, enlist a friend or family member that you trust to help keep you in line. Although you might not want to tell everyone why you aren’t drinking, having a small support system when you feel like caving can be a huge help.

6. Tell White Lies if Necessary
If some people just don’t let it go, simply tell a white lie or two about why you aren’t drinking. For example, you can say you are the designated driver, or that you have to get up early for something important, or that you’re taking a medication that you can’t drink alcohol with. The bottom line? Honesty is best, but if you are in a room full of “drink pushers,” then sometimes a little lie won’t hurt them — and will help you.

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