6 Ways to Increase Your Motivation to Lose Weight

There’s no doubt about it — motivation can be hard to muster some days, especially when it comes to weight loss. As we’re constantly bombarded with ads for fast food, tempted by Netflix to stay on the couch for another hour, or simply too tired to cook a healthy meal, maintaining motivation can be difficult. If you’re feeling this lack of motivation, try these top six tips today.

1. Remember Your Why
Whether you want to lose weight to be healthier for your family, to overcome a disease, or simply to look and feel better, remembering why you started in the first place can give you an instant jolt of motivation. For bonus points, write out your “why” and tape it on your mirror.

2. Make it Easier
Instead of trying to make a healthy gourmet meal from scratch each night, make it easier on yourself. Buy pre-cut veggies to save time, order healthier takeout meals (Chipotle is great for customization), and try working out at home instead of wasting time and energy making it on time to your gym class.

3. Celebrate Your Successes
If you’ve even lost one pound or your clothes are fitting just a bit better, don’t forget to celebrate all your successes along the way. It can be helpful to write down every success, no matter how small, so you can read it when you’re feeling low in motivation.

4. Find a Buddy
Losing weight is hard to do — but friends, family, or even anonymous people on the Internet can make it easier and more motivating. Many health and weight loss apps have a community feature, or you can ask a friend to join you on your weight loss journey. You’ll feel more motivated when someone is cheering you on.

5. Stick With Things You Like
If you hate broccoli? Don’t eat it! Despise running? Don’t do it! Instead of forcing yourself to eat foods or do exercises that you don’t like, focus on the things you do enjoy. If you love bell peppers and boxing, or are more into yams and yoga, simply focusing on the healthy things you like and ditching the things you don’t can boost your motivation to keep going on your journey.

6. Don’t Forget Self-Love
No matter your mood, don’t forget to practice self-love and compassion. Losing weight can be challenging, and appreciating your body and what it’s done for you can actually help you on your weight loss journey.

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