How Small, Simple Changes Lead to Big Health Results

Upgrading your health doesn’t need to come solely from massive, transformational changes in your life. Instead, making minor and simple tweaks to your day-to-day habits can lead to long-lasting and meaningful weight loss. Known as “micro-goals,” these tiny habits build upon each other and compound your health without making drastic changes that can be difficult to maintain. 

Here Are 5 Simple Steps You Can Start Today:

1. Start the Day Right With Water and Protein

To begin your day with a healthy start, hold off on the coffee for a bit — first, replenish your dehydrated body first thing in the morning with 12 to 20 ounces of water. After you rehydrate, choose a protein-filled breakfast to keep you satiated and jump-start your metabolism. Try a veggie-and-egg scramble, Greek yogurt, or a protein shake. If you are looking for high protein recipes we have an eCookbook with 43 recipes -> HERE

2. Fuel With Fiber

Found in whole grains, beans, fruits, and vegetables, fiber is one of the most underrated nutrients for weight loss. Because we don’t absorb calories from fiber, these foods fill us up, keep us regular, and even help to lower cholesterol!

3. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Keeping unhealthy foods out of your home or workplace — or even hidden away in a cabinet — removes the visual temptation to eat them. Instead, keep healthy options out on the counter for you to grab quickly. 

4. Walk it Out

Daily movements, no matter how small, can help you reach your weight loss goals. If you don’t walk already, try adding one mid-morning and one mid-afternoon walk to your daily routine. 

5. Enjoy Your Exercise

Don’t force yourself to do exercise you hate. If you dread running, try out a dance class, do yoga, or simply take long walks in nature.


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