How to Stop Drinking Soda — 5 Easy Tips to Be Soda-Free

We all know by now that drinking soda is not healthy for us — mainly because of its sugar content. Did you know that swapping out just one can of regular soda per day could remove 3,650 teaspoons of sugar per year from your diet? But it can be challenging for some people to kick the habit. If that sounds like you, try these five simple tips to start your soda-free life.

1. If You Drink It For the Bubbles…
There’s no denying that soda provides a satisfying sip of carbonation. However, you can swap out your soda with many other healthy and bubbly drinks. Try a new flavor of sparkling or seltzer water — there are dozens of brands and flavors to choose from!

2. If You Drink It For the Caffeine…
If you rely on soda for your daily caffeine hit, there are other options that will wake you up without adding dozens of grams of sugar. Try an ice-cold black or green tea instead — if you need some sweetener, try a drizzle of honey or a splash of 100% fruit juice or lemonade.

3. If You Drink It For the Habit…
Many of our food and drink choices are so ingrained by habits that we don’t even realize we have. If you regularly pop a soda on your way home from work or as soon as you get home, make sure your fridge (or car) is stocked with your new and improved healthy beverage choice.

4. If You Drink It For the Sweetness…
Soda is undeniably sweet (up to 40 grams per can!) If you love that sweet taste, we’ll try to get your taste buds accustomed to lower sugar levels gradually. Instead of grabbing a soda the next time a sugar craving hits, try eating real-food sugar, like berries, pineapple, grapes, or another favorite fruit. Or, a couple of squares of dark chocolate can provide you with some sweetness plus loads of antioxidants.

5. If You Drink It For the Taste…
Lastly, if you just can’t quit that soda flavor, there are a handful of healthier soda alternatives on the market that you can switch to. For a no-sugar option, try Zevia (sweetened with Stevia) or Olipop and Poppi — two healthy soda brands with about 5 grams of sugar per can, plus the benefit of added prebiotic fibers.

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