The Top 6 Lowest Calorie Alcohol Choices

Moderate amounts of alcohol can be a part of a healthy diet. But there are definitely some drinks that are healthier than others, so skip the daiquiris and Long Island iced teas and instead try these top six lower-calorie options.

1. Light Beer
Despite beer’s bad reputation (it’s called a ‘beer belly’ for a reason!), lighter-style brews can drop the calorie count from 150-250 down to about 100. Plus, beer is one of a few alcoholic drinks with a few nutrients, like B-vitamins and a little bit of calcium and magnesium.
Calories: 100 for 12 ounces

2. Wine
Another low-calorie alcohol option is wine — both red and white have similar nutritional profiles. However, red wine has a slight benefit over white wine, as red grapes contain the antioxidant resveratrol. One caveat is to skip any sweet or dessert wines, as they will be higher in calories and sugar.
Calories: 125 for 5 ounces

3. ‘Skinny’ Margarita
Skinny-style margaritas contain much less sugar and calories than traditional versions. These low-cal options typically are made with fresh lime juice, tequila, a little agave syrup, and possibly soda water.
Calories: 100-125

4. Martini
A single-shot martini with a splash of vermouth is one of the lowest-calorie cocktails. Adding olives, lemon, or olive juice will keep the calorie count down while providing extra flavor.
Calories: 110-120

5. Vodka or Tequila Soda
Simple drinks like vodka or tequila soda are another way to imbibe healthfully. These cocktails are refreshing and light and can even help you stay hydrated with the addition of soda water. Just be aware to not mistakenly order tonic water, which does have sugar!
Calories: 80-95

6. Champagne
Lastly, a flute of bubbly is a healthy alcoholic option, clocking in at less than 100 calories per glass. Similar to wine, skip the sweetened versions and go for dry champagne.
Calories: 95

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