Top 4 Ways to Eat Healthier If You Hate Veggies

It’s not only kids that don’t like vegetables — sometimes full-grown adults can have trouble getting down their greens. As we know that vegetables are incredibly nutritious, try these top four tips for helping veggie-haters eat healthier. 

1. Vary Your Cooking Method

Maybe you’ve only been served boring, bland, boiled vegetables. (We can’t blame you for not liking those!) If you’ve tried a veggie just one way, it’s time to mix it up and vary your cooking method. Rather than steaming broccoli, try sprinkling it with parmesan and garlic powder and roasting it until it becomes crispy. Not a fan of raw carrots? Try your hand at cooking them in a pan with honey and butter — we dare you not to like those! 

2. Sample at a Farmer’s Market

If you want to try before you buy, many produce stands at farmer’s markets will allow you to take a little nibble first. This can also help you expand your vegetable horizons, as local farmers tend to grow and sell veggies that aren’t found at a typical grocery store. 

3. Don’t Give Up

We don’t allow our toddlers to simply try a new food once and give up if they don’t like it, do we? The same goes for adults who don’t love vegetables! As it can take up to ten tastes before someone accepts a food as palatable, you’ve got to try, try, and try again. 

4. Sneak Them In

Similar to how we deal with veggie-hating kids, we can “sneak” in vegetables to meals or snacks we already like. Granted, it’s not really sneaking it if you are the one doing the cooking, but you can still find ways to add in vegetables where you don’t taste them. Some good examples are adding chopped greens to smoothies or soups, carrot or zucchini to muffins or other baked goods, or finely diced mushrooms into meat-based pasta.

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