Top 5 Tips for Healthy Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Sticking to a budget while grocery shopping is already a chore. Add in shopping for healthy foods, and it becomes infinitely more challenging. Try out our top five tips for making it out of the market with money to spare.

1. Stick to a List

While it’s easier said than done, a strict grocery list can markedly reduce the chances that you’ll buy food you don’t necessarily need. Spending 5-10 minutes before you shop to jot down just what you need for your meals over the next week can help you save both in calories and coins.

2. Buy in Bulk

Although we can’t buy everything in bulk, non-perishable healthy foods like protein bars, shelf-stable almond milk, dried fruit, jerky, nuts, and seeds can last a long time and can save you money when bought in bulk. If you have a large freezer, buy meat or seafood in bulk when it’s on sale and keep it in the freezer for a healthy addition of protein to any meal.

3. Choose Low-Cost Over Convenience 

Pre-chopped fruits, pre-sliced veggies, and pre-cut meat are definitely convenient — there’s no doubt about that. But, they are also much more expensive than their whole-food counterparts. Although some would argue that time is money, you may need to sacrifice your minutes for your money if you’re on a tight grocery budget. 

4. Limit Food Waste

Like sticking to a list, you can limit food waste — and not throw away money —by only buying what you need. Planning out meals ahead of time can significantly reduce the wasted bags of sad wilted spinach and bruised peaches going out on trash day. 

5. Buy In-Season Produce

Although you may want summer-sweet strawberries in the dead of winter, the cost of shipping seasonal produce is reflected in grocery store prices. Instead, look at gardening or farming websites in your area to find out which fruits and vegetables are in season right now to save money. (Plus, they’ll taste better, and it’s better for the environment!)

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